Front. Educ.
Sec. Digital Education
doi: 10.3389/feduc.2022.971027

Smart Rogaining for Computer Science Orientation

 Manuela Chessa1,  Giorgio Delzanno1*, Luca Gelati2,  Giovanna Guerrini1,  Nicoletta Noceti1, Angelo Ferrando1, Viviana Mascardi1,  Francesca Odone1 and  Francesca Vitali3
  • 1University of Genoa, Italy
  • 2Edutainment Formula, Italy
  • 3University of Verona, Italy
Provisionally accepted:
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We present a teamwork format for orientation to computer science that exploits gamification principles by means of rogaining activities enhanced with specifically devised smart applications based on mobile and web apps. The format is based on a rogaine that offer engaging introductory activities to prospective computer science students dislocated along the different stages of the competition.
The format is aimed at stimulating the interest of participants
in different areas of computer science and at improving digital and soft skills of participants and, as a side effect, of staff members (teachers and university students).
In the paper we introduce the proposed format of teamwork activity and discuss our experience in the 2019 and 2020 editions at the University of Genoa with 135 and 62 participants, respectively.

Keywords: computer science, Computer Science Orientation, Recruitment and retention, technology enhanced learning, Teamwork, Computational thinking

Received: 16 Jun 2022; Accepted: 02 Sep 2022.

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* Correspondence: Prof. Giorgio Delzanno, University of Genoa, Genoa, 16126, Italy